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Papacho Remedies

Incan Healing Books and Film series at

The 1st book, Papacho Remedies: Incan Healing Secrets,  is filled with  Ancient Incan Healing Remedies gathered for nearly 30 years by Dr. Manuel Canales Morales of Arequipa, Peru.  Each remedy and cure a derivative of  the Papachos, highly revered healers of Peruvian villages.  Medicinal and healing knowledge was passed down by the elders verbally.    These books and films will help you rid your body of pharmaceuticals!
A portion of book and film sales will support wellness centers and agricultural gardens where  people will be taught how to grow and use the plants to heal themselves using the remedies outlined in these projects!!  These very effective remedies and cures will become known worldwide, as will the wellness centers.
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The next event at the JACKSON RANCH

Is on September 28, 2014, featuring  Giulia Millanta ...she is AMAZING!! Gypsy style singer on guitar and ukelele, with a beautiful voice. Giulia is from Florence, Italy. She will perform originals and some covers in English, Spanish, Italian, and French!
As always great homemade refreshments are served for the ranch concerts, too! Make a reservation and get this one on your calenders folks!! Sunday, January 5, 3-6 pm After holiday relax time!! Limited seating!


The Jacksonn Ranch Concerts are in an intimate setting, whre you can not only see the musician perform up close, but have the opportunity to chat between sets!
Papacho Remedies: Incan Healing Secrets 
Written by
Dr.  Manuel Canales Morales


Dr. Manuel Canales Morales is of Incan heritage.  He owns medical clinics in  Peru where he utilizes the ancient remedies of his Incan heritage, which fill the book, Papacho Remedies.   The remedies are natural.  Many derived from plants and elements from the earth.  Hence the name "Papacho", which means 'from the earth!' Dr, Canales gathered these remedies from the Papachos, village healers, of South American villages and tribes over the past 30 years. Earning his degrees in Chile, Spain and Cuba,  Dr. Canales is proud and happy to practice the ancient healing methods of the Incans, rather than the traditional medicine he trained for.   He utilizes Papacho remedies because of their efficacy.  With these remedies he has cured cancer, diabetes, and thousands of maladies. We are thrilled to introduce Papacho remedies to you!

Book available at, at The Jackson Ranch and various outlets


Papacho Remedies:
Walk Through The Andes,
A Guide to incan Herbs and Cures
 You will learn ancient healing remedies and techniques as well as gain valuable advice on eating and living healthy, Incan style!!  


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Dr. Manuel Canales was born in Tacna, Peru to a baker. Then raised in Ilo, Peru. Spending much of his time with his grandmother, a local healer or Mamacha, the desire to heal from nature was instilled. Dr. Canales attended medical schools in Chile, Spain and Cuba. After several years of study for his Doctorate of Medicine, he returned to Lima to open his first clinic as a licensed Naturopath. Soon after, he started researching pre-Incan and Incan remedies which sent him to the farthest reaches and tallest mountains of Peru and the surrounding countries in South America. Dr. Canales gathered thousands of remedies from hundreds of Papachos. This is the first group being made available to the public! Dr. Canales calls them “Incan Gold!” If in Peru, you may see or hear him on any number of radio and television stations, such as PeruVision and Libertad TV talking about and giving Papacho Remedies! Occassionally a patient offering a testimony is heard! I met Dr. Canales in Peru while on a personal vacation to Machu Picchu. At the time I was suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis. His knowledge kindled an interest in the Incan healing arena. So, I pursued and followed the doctor to his clinic in Arequipa. He stated he could “cure” the arthritis. He gave me a program to follow for 7 months…eat 7 pecans every morning along with 3 cups of pinapple extract (no pre-processed juice), take 1 teaspoon of Harina de Coca before each meal; stop eating wheat, dairy, meat, coffee, sodas, chocolate, sweets, etc. Eat lots of quinoa and fresh greens. That was a few years ago. Today I am still pain free and climbing mountains with ease! I had to tell the world about this man and the wonders he has discovered!


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For a Limited Time, Get Book and Movie for $40 !!  

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Rub Dandelion leaves on the liver spots.  Diet: Eat 10 raw papaya seeds plus whole papaya for breakfast and dinner, including skin.  You may also eat soups and vegetables, especially artichokes.



Blend 7 leaves in 1 cup of water.  Drink before Breakfast, lunch and dinner for 1 month.



For 3 days eat pears only and drink juice described above as follows: ¼ c dandelion juice plus ¼ cup lemon juice.  Day 4  Drink 1 cup lemon juice combined with 1 cup olive oil.  Take 1 sip every 15 minutes and lay down in between.

Incan Hydrotherapy
~ River Rock Bed ~ 
Situated next to a river
We learn and practice several forms of ancient Incan healing techniques which use water,  Hydrotherapy, Dew Therapy, curing migraines and other ailments, plus energy building !

Incan Hydrotherapy Treatment Using Rocks from The River Bed.  Just 5 minutes Revitalize Your Body!

"We Must First Heal Ourselves To Heal The World!" Dr. Canales

~ ~ Many Blessings ~ ~


Incan Service Available by Appointment  at Templo Inca
email to reserve
for yourself or a group

The service includes:  


Relax into yourself amidst the aroma of copal and surrounded by images of  sacred Incan sites.

 Biodanza Inca
Dance the Virgins of the Sun and the Condor to music direct from Peru

 Incan Cultural/Spiritual Reading f
rom a variety of sources,  learn about the Incans!

 The Blessing
Each person present will receive God's blessing through Pachamama.

An offering of prepared Quinoa is passed and shared, blessing your body.

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